Why  YOU  should I consider hypnotherapy?

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Have you ever tried to be more self motivated, or perhaps tried to break a habit, or even tried to change certain behaviour for the better only to find your subconscious mind resisting? If so, then it may be time to enter the world of hypnosis!

You’ve heard it before, “My new year’s resolution is …..” and then what happens? A few days, weeks or maybe months later, the resolution is abandoned. Each year, thousands of smokers’ New Year’s resolutions of stopping smoking go up in smoke! And it’s not just the smokers, what about the millions of dieting resolutions?

Although hypnotherapy is gaining more acceptance as a recognized therapy for helping people overcome fears, phobias, addictions, pain and other medical problems, people still often ask me two very common questions: WHAT IS hypnosis?, and WHY should I consider it?

Well, let me answer the WHY? question first.

Whilst talking to my patients, they often ask me WHY they are unable to succeed at simple goals or objectives by willpower or self-discipline alone. The simple fact is that whenever your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in conflict, your subconscious mind will invariably win. For example, nail biters still biting their nails, dieters going up and down with their weight, smokers unable to stop without added support. So, unless you have the acceptance of the subconscious mind, then your conscious decision to make a desired change, for example stopping to smoke, will be undermined by your subconscious mind and your goal will end in failure.

Even if you convince yourself of the logical course of action to take, you will still imagine doing what your subconscious mind desires. For example, smokers may consciously decide to stop smoking and logically decide what course of action to take since they understand the benefits of stopping smoking. However, they will still continue to imagine what they subconsciously desire - the smell or taste of the cigarette, the feeling of the “hit” they get from that first drag, or that relaxing feeling smoking brings them and so on – and then they start to wonder why they backslide into old habits again. The answer is that the subconscious will always win, or to put another way, the imagination will always win over logic, because imagination is more powerful than logic or knowledge.

So how can one increase their rate of success? The answer is simple. We just need to find a way of getting the subconscious to accept our conscious decisions and that’s where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis and /or self-hypnosis are a very effective way of bringing about a change at the subconscious level. That’s where I can help as a hypnotherapist.

Our mind is amazing since it retains everything. The subconscious is programmed to do many things and, indeed, much more so than the conscious mind. It is scientifically accepted that the conscious mind can only process somewhere between five to nine things at once. For example have you ever been in a situation where you are talking to someone on the telephone and you’re trying to do something with your free hand. Just then someone interrupts you and the door bell rings at the same time. Before you know it, you have forgotten what you were saying or doing? So much for the ‘conscious’ mind!

Now let us look at the subconscious mind. It helps you to breathe, keeps your heart beating, controls your digestive system, regulates your hormones, remembers all the “programmes” that you do subconsciously e.g. brushing your teeth. Well, think about when was the last time you stood in the bathroom and said to yourself, “Now I need to get the toothbrush, pick the toothpaste, open the toothpaste, squeeze the required amount of toothpaste out onto the toothbrush, turn the cold water tap on, lift the toothbrush to my mouth, start brushing.” etc etc. Actually, this is a subconscious programme for brushing your teeth. You don’t think about it, you just do it subconsciously. In fact, the subconscious has millions of programmes, all individual to yourself – putting your clothes on, washing the dishes, driving the car and so on.

Most programmes are good. However, some may impact negatively on you. For example, when the subconscious mind is over-laden with negative programmes, it is virtually impossible to stay in a positive frame of mind, unless such programmes are changed at the subconscious level, and to achieve this often requires assistance from a professional hypnotherapist, like me.

As for the second question - WHAT IS Hypnosis? Well, let’s look at an example: Think of the time when you shed tears whilst watching a very sad or an emotionally charged movie. Here, whilst your conscious mind was aware that you were watching actors, your subconscious accepted them as real people because you were in a state of hypnosis! And since the subconscious cannot differentiate between fact and fantasy, you responded emotionally to what happened on the screen!

Let’s look at another example. Think back to a time when you were at school. Your teacher was talking and as you looked outside a window; your eyes became fixated on an object. You may have noticed that the teacher’s voice slowly became a muffle and you found yourself becoming lost in your thoughts, day dreaming – you were in a state hypnosis with your eyes open! In simple terms then, hypnosis is a state of ‘altered awareness,’ which can be entered into with your eyes open or closed.

We enter a state of hypnosis naturally every day, for example, when meditating, doing yoga, getting lost in a good book, sitting in a church engrossed in a sermon, listening to music, or whenever we find our imagination running freely, or simply relaxing and day dreaming. My husband has a habit of doing this quite often whilst focused intently on the television. He doesn’t hear a thing I say (sound familiar?). Well, he is in a state of hypnosis! And believe me, television is the most common hypnotist in the world. Many parents will have noticed their child totally mesmerized watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.

During hypnosis our bodies become physically relaxed to the point where an outside observer could perceive us to be asleep but, in fact, the awareness of a person in hypnosis is heightened rather than lessened. Whilst in hypnosis, the conscious mind also becomes relaxed and the subconscious mind becomes accessible. This gives us expanded possibilities for change at the subconscious level. The power, at this point, is not with the hypnotherapist, but within the mind of each one of us as we enter hypnosis, and since all hypnosis is, in reality, guided self-hypnosis, a more accurate definition of hypnosis would be guided daydreaming or guided meditation.

The language of the subconscious is imagination. As a hypnotherapist, I can help to teach you how to use your imagination for greater self-empowerment.

So, what happens when you come to see me? Your first session will begin with a full
consultation lasting up to about 2 hours, where you can talk to me confidentially and openly about how your issues are affecting you. You will have ample time and opportunity to ask questions. How many sessions you need will depend on the issue and your motivation to change. Many of us tend look for short-term therapy. Hypnotherapy can offer this.

After your initial consultation, each subsequent therapy session will be for one hour. Sessions are held on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Therapy by hypnosis is a partnership. I bring my skills; you bring your knowledge of yourself and the determination and motivation to make the desired change.

Your session will take place in a warm, comfortable and private consulting room, where you can relax completely. I currently undertake sessions, by appointment, at:

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