As a patient I need:

[To know how best to take my medication]

At Wootton Pharmacy we are pleased to offer you a free Medicines Use Review (MUR). This “Medicine Check” is a confidential discussion with your pharmacist – ARIF or RAJ, which aims to help you get the most out of your medication. During the consultation you will be able to find out more about the medication you are taking, discuss any problems and ensure that the medicines are right for you. This service is run with the approval of NHS Bedfordshire and Department of Health and is conducted in our private consultation room. Please note that this review differs from that done via the GP. The GP will assess and change medicines, and the pharmacist will discuss the best ways to take them.

Patient K
Mrs. K is a middle aged asthmatic patient. She came to see us as she was having problems using her salbutamol MDI inhaler (blue puffer - reliever). Once she had explained everything to us we were able to help her. She was finding that the inhaler was not working as well now as it had done when she first used it. Since she had the inhaler with her we were able to do a quick inspection of the inhaler and noticed that the nozzle from where the aerosol medicine was delivered had a buildup of powder deposit over it. After rinsing this through in hot water the inhaler was working well again. We explained to her that this was a common problem and that it was important to wash the nozzle part of the inhaler a least once a week to avoid the blockage.

We also checked Mrs. K’s inhaler technique which was poor. We showed her a video demonstration on our lap top computer in the consulting room of how best to use the inhaler and also how an Aerochamber device could help her. This is a delivery device into which an asthma inhaler fits and makes it easier for asthmatics to take in the appropriate aerosol medication at the correct dose with less effort.

As we have a close working relationship with our local doctors, we were able to discuss the supply of an Aerochamber device for Mrs. K. She left Wootton Pharmacy extremely pleased.

Please contact us for more information about our Medicines Use Review (MUR) service - ask for ARIF or RAJ.