[My tablets need to be “Lined Up”]

Patient S
Mrs. S is an elderly lady, who lives in Wootton and is on 7 regular repeat medicines. On one of her visits to the pharmacy she mentioned to us that her tablets were running out a different times and that she had forgotten to mention this to the doctor yet again. Being independent she wanted to take responsibility for her medication and was happy to collect her tablets from us but we could see that she had to make unnecessary extra trips to surgery and pharmacy because her tablets were running out at different times.

We suggested to Mrs. S that we could “line up” the tablets for her. All she needed to do was to bring in all her tablets and we would count out what she had left, or alternatively she could count how many tablets she had left and write them down for us. Mrs. S was taken aback and surprised that we could help her in that way. A few days later Mrs. S brought in a prescription to us for her regular repeat medication. Having left the prescription with us in order for us to “line up” her medication she returned the following day to collect her dispensed medication all “line up”. So, in just a few days Mrs. S had all her medication “lined up” and was very happy that she only had to request her repeat medication once monthly thereafter, saving her time and effort.

Patient A
Mr. A is an elderly man who lives in Wootton, on 6 regular tablets, and has a
repeat “BATCH” prescription with us (please see under the [Repeat Prescription] section of this website for more information about repeat “BATCH” prescriptions). On his first visit to collect the dispensed “BATCH” prescription from us we asked Mr. A if all his tablets ran out at the same time. He was quick to point out that he had built up excess stock of one of the tablets and the others were out of synch. We informed Mr. A that when he next needed to order his “BATCH” prescription from us to bring in all his tablets and we would count out what he had left, alternatively he could count how many tablets he had left and write them down for us. 2 months later, when Mr. A needed his next “BATCH” prescription, we dispensed it containing the appropriately adjusted quantities of his medication so that all his tablets were then “lined up.”

If you need us to “line up” your medication and wish to make use of this service, please speak to ARIF or RAJ. Once we have counted your tablets for you or you have provided us with a written tally of how many tablets you have left, we can “line” them up for you with your next prescription. Speak to ARIF or RAJ at Wootton Pharmacy.