As a patient I need:

[To obtain an out of stock medicine]

At Wootton Pharmacy we have moved on from the days of relying on just a handful of wholesalers for our medical supplies. It’s all about choice and we now have access to over a dozen wholesalers. This means that it is easier for us now to obtain medicines that may be out of stock, in short supply or on quota.  

We sometimes have GPs telephoning us because a patient has been in touch with them about a medicine that they have had difficulty in obtaining. More often than not we either have that medicine in stock or are able to obtain it without difficulty.

We now have access to a weekly out of stock list which gives us information about what stock shortage issues are currently occurring. We use this information to plan ahead to minimize the impact on our patients. It’s all about working smartly!

Paient B
Mr. B is a patient who lives in Kempston. He was having difficulty in obtaining a nebulizer medicine and telephoned us to check if we were able to obtain his medication as he was running short. We were able to obtain the medicine for him that same afternoon. Within just a few hours of him contacting us, we had delivered the medication to Mr. B’s home in Kempston. He was relieved and very happy with our service.

So, if you have difficulty in obtaining a medication or simply wish to check whether we have a medication in stock or if we can order it for you, then please telephone or visit us at Wootton Pharmacy. We will be more than happy to help you.