As a patient I need:

[To talk to a pharmacist in private]

At Wootton Pharmacy we know that there can be times when you need to discuss something with us in privacy and confidence. For this reason we have available a NHS Bedfordshire-approved private consultation room for your use. So, if you wish to talk to ARIF or RAJ in private, or even one of our helpful pharmacy staff we can arrange this for you.

Patient T
Mr. T is an elderly man who lives in Wootton. He came in to discuss something that was concerning him and did not wish to talk over the counter about it. We were able to talk to
Mr T about his concerns in our private consultation room on a one to one basis.
It can be difficult to talk to someone about a private or medical condition which requires discretion; we understand that at Wootton Pharmacy, so just ask in-store for a private consultation. We are always able to spend more time with you if needed, or alternatively you could book an appointment with us.