As a patient I need:

[A reliable and caring service]

You have probably read it in the newspapers, heard it on the news or even experienced it yourself: The quality of service delivered by many businesses nowadays is going down, is poor, or is just plain terrible.

At Wootton Pharmacy we aim to provide all our patients with a warm, welcoming, reliable and caring service. All our staff our approachable and we are always happy to help you. If you would like to experience our friendly service for yourself please come and visit us. As one of our regular patients’ says, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.”

Patient G

Sometimes in life you come across people you never forget. Mr. G was one such patient. In 1998 Mr. G, who was passing through Wootton at the time, came into the pharmacy. In fact it was lunch time and I was about to lock the front door of the pharmacy. He asked if I would be able to talk to him. He seemed concerned and so I decided to let him in. We ended up talking for the whole lunch hour about his anxiety, his medication and his concerns about cancer. He thanked me before he left. About 8 years later, he came back in to the pharmacy to have a prescription dispensed. We both immediately recognised one another and the first thing he did was to thank me for the time I had spent with him 8 years earlier. – RAJ.