[Working together – Pharmacist & GP]

We are very fortunate at Wootton Pharmacy in that we have a good and close working relationship with all the local GP surgeries both in Wootton and Kempston. It takes time to establish a good working relationship with GPs, and because ARIF and I have been at Wootton Pharmacy for over a decade now, this has enabled us to achieve this.

In fact some of my time is now spent at GP surgeries where I do a number of things - from re-issuing repeat “BATCH” prescriptions, providing formulary advice, updating GP practices on stock availability and giving prescribing advice. - RAJ

At Wootton Pharmacy we are in regular contact with our local GPs and practice staff, whether it’s face to face (at the GP practice, GP symposiums, lectures, meetings, public house, golf course), or by telephone, email or texting.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder, and working together not alone. Having a good working relationship with GPs makes sense and it makes life easier for all of us, especially our patients.